Inform yourself about the real matters of state before you become an enemy of the state and an enemy of the people and good citizens of this world.

Washington July 9 2017 –  Adagio 1st

They called themselves christians, conservatives liberal democrats.  In Israel they called themselves Jews, Muslims and even Coptic.

They professed membership to some of this worlds finest religious establishments and some went as far as to call themselves men of God and in some cases pretended to be good men without God something entirely impossible for all good things come from God.

The majority of these men belonged to the worlds greatest and most powerful of churches and secret societies all at once and espoused the ideals of decadance and middle class life while around the world men, women and children were dying in human sacrfices, wars, genocide, pogroms, concentration camps and through serial killers.  

And like we enter into our secret places to pray, many of these elite entered into their secret places where their true religion was made evident to each other in magical & murderous sexual religious practices.

After their black sabbaths where a child was sacrificed, they pled allegiance to their flags and to God and in their secret places, they made their beds with each other, made alliances with each other and were married to each other both openly and in their secret places and they had secret places around the world and they mixed with us the finest of people.

Some of these men even married each other in public and dared society to contrast them.  Having battered many men young and old and even children, they found women disdainful and kept women as slaves under threats giving them little power and politically humiliating them as much as they could and denying many women office despite women winning in elections.

In public we saw the manifestation of their sorcery and many fell to these smooth talkers with their bibles or Korans with their jewish system of magic they called jewish mysticism a trail of blood from the murders and ritual murders of millions of souls that set off their enchantments that we might never discover their hypocrisy.

But many us did.  Many of us spoke out.  And for a long time many of us were undone.

During our captivity, behind the scenes was God working to give us some kind of joy and happiness his tears inside held back doing everything possible that you might have some solace peace and comfort despite the misery happening all around you and made evident in your newspapers during the Mason Holocaust.

During the Mason Holocaust these suit and tie Masons who in Washington called themselves the Wizards and named Washington’s NBA Team “The Wizards,” and were proud and haughty men calling themselves knights and high priests,     

Despite their Idol worshipping, their magic and sexual religious murderous practices and rituals they refused children the right to pray in public schools.

Despite their 24 hour 7 days a week practices of their sacred religious observances around the world and application of their religious spells to government and politics, these heretics called for separation of church and state forbidding real Christian Muslim and good religious men from entering their power Grid.

The separation of Church and State?  What does this mean?  Congress is named after the Congregation of men that used to assemble in God’s name to discuss the affairs of state and meet the needs of the people.  In Congress, before the onset of the Mason Holocaust, men used to pray fervently and with conviction before assembly.

This is especially true during our Colonial Era then the 1800s and up to World War II and a little bit past when many leaders and men looked to God for guidance and their strength continued to lead us even after they were murdered, died, or were undermined and conspired against.     

Today we have started again to pray before assembly to discuss matters of state.

I pray daily and continually and work prayerfully as I go about supporting each sovereignty in this world unified by the Holy Spirit to all things that are good under the sun.

Our Unity in the Spirit does not destroy our sovereignty or our freedom.  Our Unity is based on faith and good solid morals and principles without hypocrisy.

Remember your past so you do not forget it.  Absorb the strategy of the HYDRA so you can stand against it in times of darkness and overcome it.

Be aware of the HYDRA for its potential is always around you and these so-called self-styled new politicians the workers of iniquity will cling on to anything even a Conspiracy of Lies to attain power.  

Let no one separate you from God.  Let no man or women separate your good religious practices that result in good behavior and sound moral principles from managing the affairs of state for this is how it should be.

Each person does their part in government and so their morals affect the way government is run so as good moral people let no LIARS or Conspiracy of LIARS or people who believe in LIES overtake you with their OBAMA/TRUMP conspiracy of LIES strategy or its equivalent in any part of the world.

Be honest and forthright with each other supporting good things and putting past you Mason High Priest and their religious Hypocrisy and daily put these men down and get on with your life and INFORM yourself about the REAL matters of state before you become an enemy of the state and an enemy of the people and good citizens of this world.


Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum




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