It’s the end of the world! What are you going to do about it?

Washington D.C.  The White House

Its serves nobody much good to be mad at the treason committed on the people by Masons, Barrack Obama or even Donald Trump men who are no longer with us,  may their families be at peace.

Not including their body doubles look-alikes, more than six years have passed since these men above and those not shown have been in our lives as meaningful figures, politicians we liked or men we couldn’t stand and having no choice in the matter and many of us not knowing how well everything was prepared and planned in advance to keep control of our lives.


Now the smirk on Trumps Face is metaphorical of unhealthy foreign interests wanting to control the United States of America.

It is a smirk that represents and represented many men Internationally and one that shall remain ingrained in our minds until we successfully exercise all value and meaning of this false presidency from our midst and hearts.

For those innocent people like my parents who actually believed in this Presidency thinking it true, please be consoled that it’s not your fault and please do not continue to support this lie and the conspiracy of lies of politically corrupt people worldwide.

It hurts me to break the hearts and hopes of Americans and the hearts of people who innocently were betrayed by these Mason men may their children, grandchildren, friends, families and relatives be at peace knowing that today their love ones have nothing to do with whats going on and have had nothing to do with this small problem we have faced for the last 6 years since 2011.

We are today headed towards becoming one of the greatest sovereignties in this world filled with great promise for all those who brave the daily task to dare to believe in one nation under God.

And despite my circumstances,  I cannot separate my heart, my love and my life from the Nation who raised me and  forged my character by grace of God.

And by the grace of God, I have to fulfill my mission, a mission of many in the United States to protect her Sovereignty from men who today are an enemy with no face and from enemies foreign and domestic with faces.

By God’s grace me and many in the United States of America and now around world have a duty to fulfil to the people of each nation to rid us from this Conspiracy that once engulfed us in its grip attempting to break our moral character and spirits through the whims and tactics of right-wing dictators which in Mason-like fashion wish to control this world by the most evil of ways.

White House Images –  1545 Heracles and hydra, Hans Sebald Beham, Heracles and Iolaus dispatching the hydra with club and fire, depicted in 1545.  The Hydra represents the Conspiracy of lies and old conspiracy that has plagued us in other periods in history. Each head represents a leader from each nation.  After the head is cut off another takes its place.    

Lies of such a grand nature — such as those we face today — will not for long deceive us and as people in every nation we must always look for this same enemy to protect ourselves and others from any future incursions into the mass-media which is where the main problem today exists.

I sign off today with my birth name with the hopes of capturing even more hearts to the side of good and away from evil and I remind our readers that we must never abandon our fates to governments we ourselves as a people cannot control for the benefit and peace of the human race and this world.

May God’s Holy Spirit be with you all and help you to come to believe in things greater than Donald Trump, Obama or even yourselves if you find yourselves today living as a detriment to progress by accident, by prejudice or by unbelief.


Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft

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