When a Nation’s integrity has been diminished by its enemy, and its pen, and its history and its own words are used against her, it is only a matter of time before she rises up again to be herself. – JC Angelcraft


During the revolutionary war, people loyal to both sides suffered because of conflicting Ideologies that caused men to bear arms.

It was a time when both men and women many who by 1776 never knew anything about England or the Magna Carta, a document that inspired the learned leaders of what would become the United States of America.

Today almost anyone can visit the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. and actually see this document themselves.

Its relevance for many nations make’s the Magna Carta still an important historical document like the Declaration of Independence that without the U.S. Constitution would not exist.

People lived in peace during colonial times until military forces loyal to England began raiding and collecting taxes until the people rose up and the boston tea party came into existence as a political group to speak on behalf of Americans considered less than British citizens.

Americans who grew up in America spoke a new kind of English and by 1776 many americans did not have a formal british accent and many americans still suffered from disparity and retaliated having cause to do so.

Today, Americans lead the world through a system of Education in stratospheric layers and levels so deep that trying to change the character of the United States of America would be next to impossible especially though lies like what the AXIS powers of white supremacy are today attempting to do through the media in their failed take over of the United States of America and the World once again having again failed to defeat the providence of God.

America is still a prize and the envy of the world and men covet her power.

But what is good for America is good for every nation and any nation can be like her on their own without white supremacists.

Freedom is America and Freedom can be adapted to reflect each Nation in its own way.

White supremacy must always be resisted and is like a ravenous wolf of harmless looking men and men looking very diplomatic who serve as the bait of very evil uneducated men, men of war,  very ready to catch the public off guard and then kill the citizenry that does not fulfill their ideological or white supremacist criteria, criteria that in the end would see 75% of even the white population exterminated.

Knowing their tactics now can help us to prepare future generations to come for they will try again at some point in the future for these are the dreaded demons of our eternal struggle to overcome in our war and our struggle against the powers of hell that take on different appearances and may look harmless and like ambassadors who in reality represent no one.

They will use peaceful tactics until wresting control.

They will use technology, lookalikes, the histories and good accomplishments of each nation in their efforts to take over a nation to win their attentions.

They will use lies in the press and lies in the media, they will use diplomacy, bribes, extortion, promises to pay, or war if they can muster up an army as a last ditch effort.

This is what they did these past 17 years in the United States of America and with the help of the American President and Mason colleagues loyal to their fraternity as opposed to being loyal to the needs of the citizens of their country.

When a Nation’s integrity has been diminished by its enemy, and its pen, and its history and its own words are used against her, it is only a matter of time before she rises up again to be herself.

The processes of Justice will not long tarry when the forces of evil become so overbearing and the prospect of restoration, looks seemingly impossible.

But in the end, the people again shall know that God really does exist, a Holy Spirit who cares about each and every one of us and is there to comfort us and embrace us when we are attacked by so great an evil beyond what we can handle.

Deception however should not be feared and must not be given any respect despite how it succeeded to brainwash people for a short time.

The tools of NAZI’s white supremacy are always cloaked with enchantments from the pit of hell, enchantments they need to make their white leaders and political videos look authoritative.

Then there is God who makes it known to the world where the future truly is not caring about the media that seeks to devour his children, but doing everything possible to give us hope for a better future, a future filled with opportunities connected to no one man or woman, but opportunities that come from the true power of government, freedom and education inspired by “the imagination” that creative force that has through the history of time written many inspiring and good works and collectively and some of the greatest literary works ever known.

Keep praying and seeking God in the Spirit and do not look for the next white supremacist video.

Go about your day secure in the fact your world is going to be ok and that your nation under God has waiting for you a bright future limited only by your own mistakes and your own prejudices.

Be kind to one another and tell the truth daily to each other and comfort each other when the fear of war from white supremacist news inundates your communities. Just turn off the TV or the radio.  Control your media and blame yourself for not know why you need to control your media and do not be subject to white supremacy media.

Be strong in the belief that no one is greater than God and the power of his might.

S.A.R. Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America under the Emergency Power(s) Act



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