We can forge a future without regrets by forgetting the illusions of the enemy and daily seeking help from above We are still one people under God and we still have responsibilities.- JC Angelcraft



01. The Processes of Justice Continue.

02. I wish to thank all of the Departments,  her Royal Highness and her staff, the US Armed forces, and all world citizens helping us to fight the conspiracy of lies and creating safe media venues to help us pass the time meanwhile the justice processes continues.

03. I expect the example being set in media will be a protocol and a failsafe for future generations to fall back on should our media be taken over again.

04. The justice process continues and once all obama-trump websites, propoganda and their equivilents are down,  you can look forward to a better worldwide web and media world.

05. The understanding of press freedoms and freedom of speech has been severely damaged by white-supremacists.

06. Freedom, comes with a cost,  That cost is making sure liars so not control our media and censor us from our freedom to retaliate and even tell the truth.

07. In order to preserve our freedom, we must never be enslaved to tyrants even if they call themselves presidents elected by the people or even Kings or Queens.

08. Our liberty is preserved by the people who live responsibly and who tell the truth and together we can overthrow any tyrant, even a king, even a figment of the imagination.

09. Todays war is indeed a war against the media and also a war to renew our minds from the great hoax that has been pulled upon us.

10. In the study of the History of war, the most difficult part is seeing men of God fighting against each other.

11. And in the aftermath of many wars the loser often finds respite by lying to the public about their defeat.

12. This tyranny of lies and conspiracy of lies is an enemy often taken up by people in succession once the justice processes begins and continues until the justice processes ends.

13. In every country the fight against tyranny and oppression has often found us pitted in a struggle against ourselves and people we thought were better than what they presented themselves to be.

14. Today, as it was in the beginning we continue to fight for our freedom.

15. And again taxed without representation by the processes of democracy, we fell.  And by the processes of Theocracy, we discover a superior understanding of government, justice and due process.

16.  The hidden meaning democracy has again been revealed to have taken on the values of our enemies, and was at one time a very long time ago, as innocent as many words often start out.  It used to mean example government and then turned daemonic.

17.  These last years has seen democracy divide us and the processes of Theocracy build us back up.

18. And although we were divided, Our destiny as a people is foreordained.

19. Every day now is an opportunity, an opportunity for men and women to evaluate what has transpired and continue to resolve our differences.

20. We can forge a future without regrets by forgetting the illusions of the enemy and daily seeking help from above
We are still one people under God and we still have responsibilities.

21. Each person has the duty to tell the truth and from this we must not waver.  – Adagio 1st  Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft



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