The Providence that Established this nation through manifest destiny

We have fought many wars and have battled from the White House even before moving the capital to Washington D.C.  Even in the war of 1776 we fought believing that all men were created equal and were born with unalienable rights.  We had many English settlers and descendents of the British who fought on our side and even died that men might be free.

Many mason men have lived in the White in the House.  Some have confessed to their crimes and the crimes of their peers. The Providence that Established this nation through manifest destiny has brought them all to Justice.

Barrack Obama, Donald Trump and many Masons were brought to justice between 2011 and 2012.  These men were Masons each established in the religious degree they had achieved.  The highest designation a man of politics or industry could achieve in this secret society was a 33 degree Grand Master high priest mason wizard,  a religious designation.

These men using their influence and position through jurisprudence and through their religious craft forbid prayer by children in public schools.

These men of Masonry came from conservative and liberal political parties and prior to their evolution, liberals dominated the group.

These men who once controlled government in part, professed membership in some of the finest churches in the United States of America, but they never renounced their secret society membership in this all-men’s religious/political group called the masons.

These men became one of many black hands of white supremacy a long time ago when Skull and Bones at Yale ceased to be a Fraternity dedicated to physical anthropology only.

Because of Masonry and their associate secret societies, the nation has experienced lethal racial confrontations and many conflicts with matters that dealt with immigrants, immigration and US citizens who immigrated or their had families that had immigrated.  Occult crimes have also risen during their time when they dominated politics in the United States of American or the country of their origin.

About the time of the Knights of Golden Lantern, in the mid 1800s, American Masonry stratified their prior notions of white supremacy to Include the Irish, the Scotts and the Italians.  For a long time before their acceptance in places like New York and Seattle, the Slavic immigrants were categorized separately along with the Hessians or the Germans by the American White Supremacy Masonry a group who comprised the security of the Nation.

After inner group turmoil, the Mason group ultimately settled on the Scottish Rite of human sacrifice to represent the nation.  This unsettled the descendants of the British men whose rite of human sacrifice was lost in the civil war, a war fought against people with greater values and war fought to better educate even poor white confederates that lived in the south.

The House of the Temple was a Scottish Rite Masonic temple in Washington, D.C., United States.  It  was on once Bahai Temple before it was taken over. – The Curator

Racial stratification is an unethical practice.  This was the practice of Masonry and White Supremacy Masonry and is known and proven to lead to greater problems in society as have been experienced in the United States of America even before the civil war.  Racial stratification can and will a destroy a nation through mechanisms proposed to racially purify a nation.

Masonry has experienced much internal conflict since Freemasons were an actual political party in the early 1800s before they became a secret society.  These problems are reflected in our history in many areas but none more prevalent than war.     

Despite our past problems, the White House again is a shining light to the world and the center point from which myself, Mary of Maryland, her Cabinet and the new United States Public Health Service Department of Defense and all the services are working to help to educate Americans with regards to the new changes that have occurred in Washington D.C..

The Providence that Established this nation through manifest destiny continues to work through the processes of justice that we know the truth and be set free from the powers of darkness which work daily against us.  I fear and tremble for the United States of America that might even consider leaving their commitment to be one nation under God.  But this I know to be true.  God will never abandon those who have suffered under the Yoke of Tyranny and oppression.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st special agent in charge of the United States of America and the Official White House Quill along with Ann Hathaway and together with many men and woman who through history have fought and died for our country and some whose writings I have yet to read and publish.


The White House Fire of 1814

“In order to move on we must tell the truth and from this we must not waver” Adagio 1st

The War of 1812 (1812–1815) was a conflict fought between the United States, the United Kingdom, and their respective allies and Spain was one of them.  Thus any war close to that date could still be seen as part of America’s war for independence that extended into the 1800’s. The War of 1812 is part of that extension and a retaliation by the British who lost the war of 1776.  The Spanish-American war was fought between 1808–1833.

The White House Fire of 1814 was part of the ransacking of Washington by the British in their attack against the Continental Army formed by the Second Continental Congress after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War.

Washington, D.C. had become the new capital of the United States of America moved there by George Washington the only man who had the authority to do so.  Washington more than anyone else knew that breaking ties with the British would require a strategic move of the nation’s capital to Washington D.C.

On August 24, 1814, after defeating the Americans at the Battle of Bladensburg, a British force led by Major General Robert Ross occupied Washington and set fire to many public buildings, including the White House (known as the Presidential Mansion), and the Capitol, as well as other facilities of the U.S. government.

The attack was in part a retaliation for the recent American destruction of Port Dover in Upper Canada. It marks the first time in U.S. history that Washington, D.C. has been occupied by other countries.

The second came After  September 11 2001, U.K. European and Russian white supremacist militaries began to take control of the White House and all its media as well and using perfect American English well-trained men, wrested control of the United States.   The Allianz introduced perfect English speaking officers into the military and took control of some the prisons as they naturally would to set up killing and torture stations. George Bushes homeland security then displaced over 800,000 Mexicans and Latin Americans back to Mexico at the Tijuana Border unprotected by Mexico’s government and without resources setting many up to die. Those that did have resources were forced to cash out with the Mason Mexican mafia organized crime group who took half if not more than half of the money that these men had made by working in the prison system at very low wages or money that was sent to them by family to try and get home.

After the fire of 1814, President elect James Madison, military officials, his government and some civilians had fled the city in the wake of the British victory at the Battle of Bladensburg to plan their return.

Providence however saw to it that after the fires began, a sudden, very heavy thunderstorm—possibly a hurricane—put out the fires saving a great deal of material and infrastructure.  It also spun off a tornado that passed through the center of the capital, setting down on Constitution Avenue possibly sweeping away British troops that were there.

Following the storm, what was left of the British fleet helped sailors who did not parish in this storm of judgement proportions.  The occupation of Washington lasted less than a day.   After the “Storm that saved Washington”, as it soon came to be called, the Americans were able to regain control of the city.  The Japanese have experienced similar acts of intervention and protection by nature and they call this “Their Legend of the Divine Wind” the hand of God that has its say in history although its not always recorded as such. – The White House Curator.

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We are currently in a news, media and information crisis – Welcome to the White House

Welcome to the White House .  Our previous presentation has moved to our new domain the official white house quill –

We are currently in a news, media and information crisis. Donald Trump is not the president. If you are a local official or chief of police for your district please visit the White House in person to be briefed and updated and do not tell citizens that Donald Trump is the president.  No Donald Trump or Obama legislation is constitutional or to be put into effect or maintained.  All good legislation is sustained by providence who weighs, measures and is responsible for all good laws that keep the peace and ensure justice.  Adagio 1st with the United States Public Health Service Department of Defense, The New White House Administration & USPHS EMA Emergency Management Agency




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